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If you are here because you like Skull Accessories, that makes us the same team. Like us, you don’t want the logo of a famous sports brand on your jersey. Skulls are a symbol of freedom; those who wear clothing with skulls are characterized by having a different ideology, which is opposed to the commonly accepted official models.

SkullsTrend are a Lifestyle.

Skull bathroom accessories

Skull motorcycle accessories

Motorcycle skull accessories

Sugar skull accessories

Sugar skull accessories

More than a store, this site represents our passion for life; those of us who display skulls in our outfits, is a movement that defends the beauty and ideals of this symbol. Here you will find articles that will let you know the mysteries, history, and everything related to skulls: tattoos, music inspired by these symbols, and the spirit of freedom they represent.

Skulls Masks


Scare everyone you meet. These masks are one of the most famous skull accessories, both for Halloween celebrations and costume parties; if you are a motorcycle lover, you should try one of these masks one day. They scare anyone. You will have a lot of fun scaring people!

Skulls t-shirts


If you had not found your favorite shirt, that is until today that you met us. Here you will find everything you want.

Skull Rings


Decorate your fingers living your passion; these rings are made taking care of the smallest detail.

Skull Shoes


When choosing our outfits, shoes are an essential garment impossible to ignore, and if they also have skulls, their fetish point makes them unique.

Skull Leggings


These skull leggings will make you look stunning. Choose the design that you like the most, show your personality without losing style.

Skull Outfits

Skull Outfits

You choose how you would like to dress today, and we are willing to send you from the most classic garments to the latest skull outfit trend.

Skullstrend.com, the store for people with personality

Now you have the online store with the best selection of items with skulls, whether t-shirts, earrings, pants, rings, boots, costumes, jackets, and much other fashion, art, and decoration items.

Welcome to our Tribe; complement your life with the products with skulls you will find here, and do not hesitate to contact us for any information you need.
We will be happy to chat with you.

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