Punk clothing

Between 70-80, punk fashion came to the United States. Many people thought those who wore that pointy hair and such flashy and brazen clothes were insane or delinquent. Do you like people thinking of you? Dress up in punk clothing!

Punk dress, get everyone’s attention.

When this fashion began in England at the end of the 1970s, the goal of the early days of Punk was to attract attention. Now, according to whom, the view has several senses.

A mockery of the system, a fashion criticism set by designers, or expressing feelings through symbols found in clothing. Dozens of meanings describe how you see the world to others; some may be terrified to see you. And what does it matter? Wear punk clothes if you like!

The Anti-Fashion clothes 

What kind of punk clothes do you want to wear? On the one hand, you have punk glamour, which uses bright colors, leather, leopard, and neon prints. Perhaps the most classic of Pop Punk? Use tight jeans, t-shirts from your favorite band, pyramidal belts, and various bracelets.

Finally, you have the Hardcore Punk style, which is the end. Simple clothes to be able to cram better. Simple T-shirts with loose work pants, thus avoiding the elaborate style that other Punks wear.

Do you prefer to be guided by the basics? If so, in the case of boys, black jeans with bullet or silver belts, leather jackets (or a denim vest), leather clasps, and a simple t-shirt are classic. Shoes should be made in military style.

For women, skinny black jeans look good, but they can also wear leopard print skirts, bullet belts, and tacks. T-shirts with bands, anything in leather, full tights (although broken are better), and military-style shoes to trample the prying eyes of all the curious who look at you on the street.

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