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If you’re here, you’re one of us. You don’t want the logo of a horse playing polo, a crocodile, or a swallow on your shirt. Nor do you want to be charged MORE than its value for the brand. Instead, you are looking for articles with their personality, impactful, and that defines you. Here you can find your favorite Gothic clothing.

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Gothic clothing

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Myths about Goths

The gothic lifestyle is a way of life-based on the gothic culture. Gothic people are usually very creative and interested in exploring feelings.
They are interested in the dark side of life, death, and the occult. The music they listen to is usually punk rock or gothic rock. This music has a dark sound and lyrics dealing with topics like depression, suicide, and isolation. Gothic people also wear clothes made from black fabric or other dark colors like purple, red, or green. They often wear lots of makeup to make themselves look pale, and sometimes they dye their hair black too

The Gothic Lifestyle – Reality

Goth Fashion

Goths are not a subculture; they are a culture. Goths have no inferiority complex; they have an identity complex.
Goths are often misunderstood as people who like to wear dark clothes and listen to aggressive music.

But the reality is that Goths are art lovers, refined, sensitive, and fond of poetry and books. Young Goths are likely to become doctors, lawyers, or architects. The only «dark» thing about Goths is their sense of style, which can be seen as dark by those who don’t understand it.

Goths are misunderstood by society. They’re classified as a subculture. Goths believe their identity is so different from what people expect to be seen as «different» for that, not for anything else. As a result, Goths often feel marginalized and experience prejudice, humiliation, and rejection in society because of their differences in dress and interests. They may also receive a lot of criticism from non-Gothic people who think they are rare.

Goths are art lovers


This Blog is a space to learn everything about the Gothic lifestyle. Whether you’re part of this culture or starting out, the Gothic Blog has something for everyone.


¡Welcome to our community! Our passion goes far beyond the gothic goods store. We are a movement in defense of the beauty and ideals of Gothic culture.