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Pin-Up Fashion has been popular in the United States for over 70 years. And while many people may not realize this, they follow this kind of trend when they dress, especially during the summer. A perfect dress to demonstrate mischief, but without offending the more traditional people.

Pin Up Bags

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We can explain it better by using singers like Shakira, Britney Spears, or Lady Gaga as an example. If you have seen any of their video clips, you may have noticed that they dress very «suggestive» but do not teach anything.

That’s precisely what vintage Pin Up style clothes are all about: looking like you’re being a little itchy with an outfit that can create a provocative image, but you’re still just as secretive and pure. And although for many, it may create a sexualized image of women, the truth is that its origin was to prove that women could be fighters and independent.

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You know what this kind of rockabilly clothes is, now let’s get to the important thing, how to dress up in retro Pin Up style clothes? First, open your closet because you have some garments of this style which you have not noticed.

For example, a very tight dress well marks the neckline, with some flight in the area of the skirt. This was typical during the 1950s. On the other hand, the short skirt, more or less about the height of the knees, is insinuating but without teaching anything.

For pants, better high-end pants, because they mark well, with short shirts or tops that can be tucked inside the pants. Shirts can be semi-transparent or have some grid area, such as the shoulder area, to expose them.

You will provoke, you will be suggestive, and it will seem that you seek the looks of all, but in reality, it will only be one more piece of clothes to be comfortable when you walk on the street.

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