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You have heard a lot about Pin-up t-shirts and are looking forward to adding some to your wardrobe. However, it would help if you distinguished between classic and modern Pin-up shirts.

During the 1950s, the term «shirt» was not yet clearly defined, so women used to wear blouses or fine fabric garments, depending on their preference. Although there were shirts as such, it was more common to wear them. These garments were mainly reserved for sporting or outdoor activities, such as picnics or walks on the beach.

At that time, the T-shirts were simple and of a single color. However, more vibrant models with diverse prints and patterns were gradually introduced to satisfy the tastes of the modern Pin-up.

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Although many people think of them as retro Pin-up shirts, they aren’t. Some are classified as Pin up shirts because they have illustrations that refer to this style of dress or images of characters from that time, such as Betty Boop.

There are simple black and white t-shirts, but the designers have wanted to recover the essence of this style, which is why you can find authentic jewels of vintage Pin-up t-shirts in some stores. These garments have beautiful prints and drawings, ideal for today’s era. They are versatile since they can be easily combined with any other clothing style. If you already have Pin up style clothes in your wardrobe, you’ll be surprised how easy it will be to combine these tops with jeans or a skirt.

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